Tug Cylindricals

Tug Fenders
Bencros BTC Tug Cylindrical Fenders are build for a long service in the harshest environment.

Found on working vessesl around the world, they are hard wearing and will protect hulls for decades.

We can manufacture the largest and longest Tug Cylindrical Fenders. Diameters of 1000mm or more, and individual lengths of more than 13 metres are easily joined to create fenders fenders of more than 20 metres long.

Constructed on a mandrel, Tug Cylindrical Fenders can be constructed with tapered ends and hot profiled grooves to suit webbing straps or sleeved chains.

Most tug builders prefer our wrapped cylindricals as they can be easily formed around the bow or stern, forming a neat joint between sections.

Tug Cylindrical Fenders are the ideal companion to the W-type (BTW), M-type (BTM) and Keyhole (BTK) fender range for bow and stern pushing areas.

Please discuss your project requirements with Bencros

  • Long lasting and reliable
  • Diameters from 200mm to 1000mm available
  • Joined lengthsd of more than 20 metres achieved
  • Hot profiled grooves for webbing straps or sleeved chains
  • Tapered or plain ends available