Offshore clients come to Bencros with their unusual and challenging requirements.

Some of the offshore products we have made include:

  • Piggyback saddles for laying multiple coaxial pipelines
  • Special rollers for retreiving equipment
  • Large bearings for supporting delicate loads
  • Custom fenders to protect platforms and rig legs

We enjoy the technical demands, the tight deadlines and the unusual requirements set by our offshore clients. Speak to Bencros about how we can contribute our skills and resources to your next project.


Bencros makes a diverse portfolio of industrial rubber and polyurethane products.

We have developed an extensive programme of seals, blades, profiles, mats and mouldings for our industrial clients. These are manufactured by moulding, extrusion, wrapping and other processes in a range of polymers including NR-SBR, EPDM and polyurethane to suit the final application. Bencros industrial products are as diverse as the industries and customers who use them: 

  • Snow plough blades
  • Caisson seals
  • Mitre gate seals
  • Flood gate seals
  • Special rollers and bearings