Bars and Panels

Dock Fenders
Bencros BFB Fender Bars are simple and ultra durable - ideal for fishing harbours and small boat berths.

Their internally vulcanised steel plate offers a low-profile fixing which resists the rigours of heavy impacts.Fender Bars are also popular for bridge buttress protection, loading bays or similar applications.

Units come in a selection of sizes and lengths to suit all come in a wide selection of sizes and lengths.

Bencros BPP Protection Plates are resilient panels fitted to berths where small vessels moor.

They protect both the dock face and the vessel from abrasion. Protection Plates are ideally suited to situations where the distance between the boat and berth must be minimised, reducing the risk of cargo dropping through the gap.The internally vulcanised steel plate ensures a strong fixing to the structure, whilst the low profile ensures low bending moments in the bolts.

Protection Plates come with a flat face as standard, with the option of a textured face where high friction is desirable.

Please ask Bencros for further details.

  • Wide range of sizes
  • Simple design suited to smaller vessels and many other applications
  • Extra strong internally vulcanised steel plates
  • Low profile fixings mean low bending moments
  • Smooth or (optional) textured/ribbed contact face
  • Anchors and fixing bolts on request