Composite Fenders

Dock Fenders
Bencros Composite Fenders are moulded rubber profiles with integrally vulcanised UHMW-PE face plate.

They are available as BCS square profiles or BCT trapezoidal profiles. Both have hard wearing and low-friction fenders, ideal for beltings on workboats , tugs and barges, as well as impact protection for canal locks, ports and bridges.

The UHMW-PE face comes in black as standard, or other colours on request. Composite fenders can be supplied pre-drilled and machined with a variety of mounting options.

Please ask Bencros for further details.

  • Sizes from 80mm to 300mm
  • Square and trapesoidal sections
  • Circular bore or solid fenders
  • Lengths up 2000mm available (longer on request)
  • Drilling, chamfered ends and special units available
  • Choice of rubber compounds (please discuss with Bencros)
  • Fixing plates, brackets, anchors and bolts on request