Cone Fenders

Dock Fenders

With an increased deflection, a higher rate of energy absorption & a more robust installation option, Cone Fenders are the third generation product of the industry standard Cell Fender design.

With the capacity to perform better and for longer periods even installed at angles and as part of complex modern systems, Cone Fenders are fast becoming the fender of choice in large scale port and marine restructures.

Bencros has the ability to produce in a number of variable compounds and adjust shore hardness to achieve required performance in a large range of designs and applications. Bolt fixing positions in the head allow easy installation for front panels and face pads, which make Bencros Cone Feners an ideal core component in any system fender projects.

If you require any further information at all, or would like to know more about the capacity of Bencros Cone Fenders, please do contact us.