M fenders

M fenders

Designed to have a large contact face, these Tug fenders exert low pressure during pushing operations, and the flexible design makes them ideal for fitting around most tight curves on a hull.
Alternatively they are often used for bridge and pile protection.

The blend of Natural Rubber and SBR compound is specially designed and rigorously tested to ensure that they are hard wearing and provide high levels of abrasion resistance and UV protection.
These fenders can be cut and supplied to a specific design, shape and length to suit the customers requirement.

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TypeABCøDEFLmaxWeight [ kg/m ]

[ Units: mm, kg/m ]



PinFlat barRmin
ø20100 x 15450
ø24125 x 20550
ø30150 x 20650

[ Units: mm ]

M fenders