In addition to our vast range of Rubber moulded and extruded products, we also have all the capabilities at hand to produce both pour in mould Polyurethane products, utilising the latest vacuum processing technology, and foam filled boat fendering to compliment our range of foam filled cylindricals.

Moulded products for example include Marine towing shoes and sleeves, as well as Piggyback blocks purposely designed to the clients specification, and foam filled boat fendering, providing a robust lightweight option to our standard range of rubber products
Moulds are designed by our exceptionally talented engineering department, which enables us to have complete control over the manufacturing process and. the flexibility to make any adjustments necessary at short notice.


Our in house Polyurethane spraying department is fully experienced in the process of manufacturing foam filled floating fenders.

The foam core is thermolaminated using superior closed cell foam materials from our approved supplier, the density of the foam is either to the customers specific requirements or to industry standards.
After the foam has been hand crafted and shaped to the design perameters, our airless spraying machine applies the coating of high marine grade Polyurethane to the correct pre-defined thickness,
The coating is further reinforced using Nylon or Kevlar mesh depending upon the clients specification and taking into consideration the operational working environment.
The result is a product of rigid construction, providing the customer with a highly abrasion resistant, fit for purpose, cylindrical floating fender

For more information please contact a member of  our sales team.